Sergey Cherepanov

The founder and the thought leader of the Marathon Academy
In 2011 after graduating from polytechnic as a programmer engineer moved from Barnaul to Moscow and started to evolve as a marketing expert and digital specialist having his heart in entrepreneurship.
Liked to compile experiences and share them with all who were interested. In 2012 working for sales in Softline company started doing a video blog as a hobby where he shared his experience in living in a capital. Gained some media popularity (at that time videos got 10-15 thousand likes) and the ability to talk on camera. As the result the interview about life in Moscow and projects actual at the time. The Academy was not on the plate yet.
In 2013 finished office work and together with a friend invented and created a club apartment Kwenteen (a new format of a hostel with long-term accommodation). The project existed successfully till 2016.
Always been interested in doing sports. Athletics in school, mini football in university. There wasn’t much success, just an ordinary amateur level. After dramatic family events in 2013 tried long-distance running. In autumn ran a half marathon in 1:43, and in 2014 ran his first Moscow Marathon in 3:14.
In 2015 participated in the launch of carsharing service Delimobil as a digital marketing specialist.

In the middle of 2016 after another marathon (this time in Vienna, made in 2:51) it was decided to develop the community of those who like running. A telegram chat Begach was created, and the first joint jogging events on Sundays were organized – Voskrezhka. At that time a personal running coach was Aleksey Korobov (master of sports of international class in athletics, marathon in 2:13).

In September, a week before Moscow Marathon, together with a team organized and held a lecture in The Standup club #1 on Arbat hosting about 60 running lovers and sharing our experience.

Starting from this moment, the history of the Marathon running academy started. That was the first name of the club.
Lecture #PROmarathons, Stand Up Club #1 on Arbat 2016
Lecture #PROmarathons, Stand Up Club #1 on Arbat 2016
The history of the running club, the beginning of the project, 2020
History of the Marathon Academy, 2021
In 2018 the Academy was rebranded. Farid Khairullin (master of sports of international class in athletics, half marathon in 1:01) became the head coach.

We entered into an agreement with New Balance brand and continued the quantitative and qualitative development of the Academy over the next years.

Corporative projects with such companies as Jamilko, MTS, Johnson&Johnson, Art. Lebedev Studio, National Payment Card System MIR.

Aware development of hundreds of sports amateurs through the team of professional coaches and mentors, running events of new formats, own sports equipment, podcast studio in Moscow, and one of the most popular podcasts about running.
The Marathon Academy, born in 2016 as a small group of running amateurs with common goals, by 2022 became a recognizable project and one of the biggest running clubs in Europe (PwC report).

Academy is an ecosystem that helps to engage those who love to run in an active lifestyle.

The mission of the Academy and mine as a leader of the club is to give a bit of love and inspiration to those who trust, to share sports experiences, to help improve the quality of life, and to draw attention to what is happening.

Sergey Cherepanov
The founder
Moscow, Altay