Sergey Cherepanov

Content creator, podcaster
Likes to aggregate the experiences and share them with those, who are interested, through the content. In 2012 started to do a text blog, as a hobby first, which grew into a video blog “About Moscow”, where he talked about living in the capital. After a while, a sports video blog emerged out of it.
Vlog, «How to start running», 2014
#IKONABEGA, interviews with amateur athletes, 2015
Vlog, «Treadmill test for a runner», 2016
Recording of a lecture about running, 2018
Vlog, «How and why to measure lactate», 2021
Vlog, «Luzhniki Half Marathon», 2022
In March 2022, The Marathon Academy was the first running club that launches its podcast “Keep pace.”

By the end of 2024, we recorded 200+ episodes which were listened to more than 1 000 000 times. About 3500 people listen to each episode.
Live Podcast "Warming Up"
Live Podcast with Sasha Storozhev
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    Moscow, Altay